Calling to the honey farm is by appointment only. Email or 0876743030. Below is a list of our stockists. 


Martin’s Supervalu (Wildflower Honey)
Horan’s Health Store (Wildflower Honey)

Tipperary Town
Bennets’s Supervalu (Wildflower Honey)
Edward Geary’s Veg Shop (Wildflower Honey)
O’Malley’s Butchers (Wildflower Honey)


Chamberlain’s Bakery (Wildflower Honey)
O’Callaghan’s Delicatessan (Wildflower Honey)
Finn’s Butchers (Wildflower Honey)
Horan’s Health Store (Wildflower Honey)
O’Farrell’s Supervalu (Wildflower Honey)

Riordan’s Supervalu (Wildflower Honey)

Cork City

The Roughty Foodie, English Market (Wildflower Honey, Ivy Honey, Comb Honey, Beeswax Candles and Balms)
Bradley’s, North Main St (Wildflower Honey)
Health and Vitality, Cornmarket St (Wildflower Honey)
On the Pig’s Back, Douglas (Wildflower Honey, Comb Honey)

Limerick City

Nature’s Hand, Crescent Shopping Centre (Wildflower Honey, Ivy Honey, Comb Honey)
Eats of Eden, Thomas St (Wildflower Honey, Comb Honey)
Melt Cafe, Little Catherine St (Wildflower Honey)
Dargan Healthfoods, Castletroy Shopping Centre (Wildflower Honey, Ivy Honey)


Lilliput Stores, Arbour Hill (Wildflower Honey, Ivy Honey, Comb Honey)

Wholehealth, Ballybrack Shopping Centre,