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Galtee Honey Farm is run by the Mac Giolla Codas, a well known beekeeping family in Ireland. Micheál and Aoife are both certified lecturers in beekeeping. Micheál is also a qualified honey judge, having judged in honey competitions and shows both nationally and internationally.

Galtee Honey Farm has about 170 hives of honey bees. These hives are sited in groups called apiaries throughout the Galtee Vee Valley and stretch over the three counties of Cork, Limerick and Tipperary. This ensures that the bees are collecting honey from a wide variety of flora including sycamore and horse chestnut blossom, dandelion, oilseed rape, hawthorn, blackberry blossom, clover and heather. It is all these flowers which gives Galtee honey its complexity of flavour.

Pure Native Black Queens

Micheál and Aoife have both spent many years teaching beekeeping skills to others. They are committed to promoting the conservation of the native honeybees of Ireland, known as ‘Black Bees’. They breed them for their excellent traits in Irish weather conditions. They specialise in rearing and breeding Black Queen Bees for beekeepers around Ireland.

Galtee Honey Farm