Visits to Galtee Honey Farm

Galtee Honey Farm is one of the longest running and largest honey farms in Ireland.  are 3rd and 4th generation beekeepers.

Widely known as pioneers in the conservation of the Native Irish Black Bee

Offer guided visitor experiences at our honey farm (Booking is essential).

During a visit:

Sample our variety of honeys, which are typical Irish honeys (some of them so rare that they are not even for sale),

Taste our honey mead which we make from our honey.

Learn about honey and the other products of the hive – beeswax, propolis and pollen.

Which plants which are good for honey bees and the importance of pollinators for our environment.

We have a glass observation hive on display so the visitors can see the queen bee and get a close view of the inside of a hive.

Learn about the history and heritage of Irish beekeeping and our unique honey bee – the native Irish black bee, a threatened sub-species.

Galtee Honey Farm is situated at the edge of Glengarra Forest Recreation Area, which comprises of 1400 acres of mixed woodland and also contains a car park and picnic area. So it is ideal for picnics and walks.

We are close to a variety of sites, the Mitchelstown Caves are 2 miles from us.

We are 15 minutes from Cahir Castle and the Swiss Cottage, 20 minutes from the Rock of Cashel. 20 minutes from the Vee. We are just 5 miles off the M8 Motorway.

Our honey farm has a mission to educate people about honey in Ireland, its flavor, its origin, how the bees make it.

Tell people about the unique honey bee we have in Ireland and why it is so important.

We also want to educate people about the environment for bees and pollinator and what you can grow in your garden.

We wish to show people the history and heritage of beekeeping in Ireland.

Tell people about the other products of the hive – beeswax, propolis and pollen – and also the alcoholic honey drink, mead.

Show the bees at work. We are traditional, family run and a bit quirky.

Allow the visitors to see the inner workings of the honey bee colony.

Give them a variety of honeys to taste. And mead to taste.

Have an info-graphic display which visitors can view to learn more about various aspects of beekeeping and honey if they so wish.

We are situated at the edge of a stunning 1200 acre forest of mixed woodland which is ideal for visitors to walk and have a picnic.

Visit Galtee Honey Farm
Visit Galtee Honey Farm