Internship Enquiries

From time to time, we require interns to help us with our work.

These internships are unique opportunities in Ireland.

There are very few full time honey farms in Ireland.

With those chosen being immersed in beekeeping, while gaining valuable experience and knowledge from us.

Therefore we receive applications from a high amount of interested applicants and before starting, candidates are required to sign a contract committing to fulfill the work placement period.

Ideal candidates must be positive and interested in the work.

Willing to listen, concentrate and readily take instructions.

Candidates must be over 18 years.

Candidates must not be allergic to bee stings.

If this is your first time working with bees, we require you to take a simple blood sample with your GP and have it sent away for analysis for bee sting allergy. Or else get a prescription for an epi-pen from your GP.

Candidates are required to be in good health, have a reasonable level of fitness and in particular must not have a heart condition or back problem.

The work is often physical and tough.

Experience in handling bees would be an advantage but is not necessary.

Candidates must be confident that they will not be afraid of bees as they will get stung from time to time.

Candidates will become familiar with some or all of the following practices:

Loading equipment and hive parts

Carry out examinations in the apiaries

The process of supering

Detecting possible diseases

Hive and apiary hygiene

Record keeping

Methods of queen rearing

Methods of colony production

Honey bee nutrition

Marking queens; Packaging queens for delivery

Honey bottling, packaging and labelling

Possibly uncapping and extracting (depending on time of season)

Possibly beeswax processing

Washing and disinfecting equipment

Washing of buckets

Assembling frames and other equipment

Hygiene and maintenance of honey house and equipment

Management of Mating Nucs


Interns are gaining knowledge and experience while working throughout the day. Also being qualified in beekeeping education I am able to provide presentations and teaching in all aspects of beekeeping one evening every couple of weeks.

Work times

Monday to Friday 9.30 to 5-5.30 with 1 hour lunch break. However this is flexible if time off is needed.