Galtee Honey Farm

Our honey is produced by our own bees. It is traceable back to us. No sugar has been added to our honey.

We do not feed our bees sugar while they are producing honey. Our honey is not pasteurised or overheated. Many imported and supermarket honeys are pasteurised.

This process destroys valuable enzymes and deteriorates the honey. Our honey bees are not treated with chemicals.

If we need to treat our bees for a disease, we only use certified organic treatments. Our honey bees welfare is important to us.

We do not exploit or expose our bees to high levels of stress.

We place our bees in biodiverse site such as old woods, farms with plenty of hedgerows and wild areas.

Our bees collect honey from a variety of flora, which can include blackberry blossom, dandelion, hawthorn, white clover, horse chestnut, sycamore and ling and bell heather. But there are many other minor flowers which they collect from.

This multitude of flowers is what gives our honey – and all pure Irish honey – its complexity of flavour.

Because of this, not every jar of honey tastes exactly the same. All these factors come together to create a truly artisan food product.